Oh It Wows: Roasted Tomato Pesto (from Oh She Glows)

September 19, 2011

Hey hey!

There are some recipes that stop you dead in your tracks right from the first bite. When you do a lot of cooking like I do, you cherish these moments, as they remind you of why you spend so much time in the kitchen in the first place. And today, ladies and gents, I have one such knockout recipe to pass on to you all: Roasted Tomato Basil Pesto from Oh She Glows.

It is simply fantastic: fresh, bold, and bursting with flavor with every bite. Part of the reason for this is that now is the perfect time of year for this recipe: tomatoes are filling up the farmers’ markets, and roasting them just brings out more of their incredible natural flavors. Paired with some fresh farmers’ market basil, this pesto is unbeatable.

Perhaps the only thing more astonishing than this pesto’s stellar taste is its ease to create. Simply roast your tomatoes for a little over an hour, and then whip them up in a food processor along with some basil, garlic, toasted almonds, olive oil, and (optional) nutritional yeast. It couldn’t get much simpler, yet it’s hard to imagine anything more delicious.

This pesto could elevate any accompaniment to unforeseen heights, but for my preparation I chose to pair it with some freshly spiralized zucchini pasta, topped with some roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted red pepper slices, and toasted almonds. It was divine. And it’s not just me who felt this way; this pesto also knocked the socks off some recent (and I might add, non-vegan) dinner guests, who loved it so much that they took to liberally piling it onto bread when their zucchini pasta ran out.

Two days after making this pesto for the first time, I am already making it again. It is just that good. So try it for yourself before the tomato season passes by, and happy eating!

Until we eat again,



  1. I will try it! Sounds great. If I lived in Toronto I’d insist on coming for dinner.

    • Well the next time you’re in town, let me know—my door’s always open!

  2. haha your comment made me laugh!! Too funny. I’m so glad you are enjoying it so much! I’ve made it 3 times too…wonder how many more times I can make it before the season is over? 😉 I froze some too…

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