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What Could’ve Been…

June 26, 2009

Hello everyone!

So this is the first post of our blog, and we don’t have too much to say. Unlike the rest of our posts (we hope) this one doesn’t have much to do with food or cooking or anything else culinary. We’re just wanted to set up our WordPress account and figure out how to do everything.

But since we’re here, we thought we’d share with you some of our many failed blog name ideas. Warning: some are pretty bad.

  • Long Distance Kitchen (sort of made it in our subtitle)
  • Hey Good Cookin’ (the strikethrough means that the name was taken)
  • Canadian Bakin’
  • Brooklyn Fridge
  • Cooklyn
  • ToRAWnto & BRAWklyn
  • BRAWgspot
  • Yinzers Need Fed
  • Rawsome Twosome
  • Maple Pie & Apple Syrup
  • Smaczndakimasu
  • Miles of Meals (and a few kilometers)
  • What I Had For Lunch
  • NoAmChomp-ski’s (short for North American Chomp-sters…or something)
  • S.O.I.Kitchen (Sort Of International Kitchen)
  • VelociRAWptors
  • Veganosaurus
  • Coolinary Cats
  • The Salad Days of Willie and Caitlin
  • I Would Wok Five Hundred Miles (and a few kilometers)

Oh, what could’ve been. Side note: If anyone wants to take any of these names for your own blog, you are more than welcome, although we highly advise against it.

Until we eat again,

Willie & Caitlin

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