Toronto Café Tour: Linux Caffe

September 18, 2011

Hey-o! It’s been a little while since my last post in my Toronto Café Tour series, but I’m back again from a new location: Linux Caffe at Harbord and Grace! Here’s what I thought…


Latte: This decently sized drink is perhaps most notable for its price tag: at only $2.75, it is the cheapest single soy latte I’ve seen in the city. However, it does taste like a $2.75 latte as well, lacking any real creaminess or strong espresso flavor. Disappointing, to be sure, but not enough to totally turn me off, especially still Linux Caffe scores so well in all other departments…

Wifi: Yes, and very strong.

Atmosphere: Comfortable and unpretentious, with plenty of seating and tables available for chilling out or doing some work. Also a friendly community vibe going through the place, or at least on the morning I spent there. At any rate, Linux Caffe has pretty much exactly what I look for in a café atmosphere.


Food: Linux Caffe is also notable for having LOTS of vegan food options. Many of these come from outside sources like Sweets from the Earth (which they at least nicely unwrap and set up in their display case), but they make plenty of vegan dishes in-house as well, on both the sweet and the savory side of things. Theirs is probably one of the most extensive vegan menus I’ve seen at any Toronto café, which is all the more remarkable since they don’t even bill themselves as specifically vegan.

Final Verdict: Despite the disappointment of their latte, I really, really enjoyed Linux Caffe. It’s affordable, comfortable, and close by to school, and for these reasons I can definitely see myself coming back often throughout the year. Two thumbs up for Linux Caffe!

Until we eat again,




  1. I’m thrilled to read about this café! I pass this place all the time on my bike ride to U of T, and I’ve been meaning to check it out since it’s literally a 3-minute ride from my place in the Annex. Vegan goods galore? I’m there… and I’ll even settle for their mediocre latte. 🙂

  2. Linux Caffe is quickly turning into my regular spot, at least on Monday and Wednesday mornings, when I need someplace to study and wake myself up before my Monday and Wednesday tutorials.

  3. […] just east of the Danforth. Some of the cafés are places I’ve already checked out, such as Linux Caffe, El Cafecito, and Mylk Uncookies (all of which I’m happy to return to), but many others are […]

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