January 5, 2010

Dear Caitlin and all my other lovely readers,

Today I have one of my new Christmas toys to share with you all—my Spiralizer! Or, more specifically, my Paderno “Turning Slicer”! I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while now, and after realizing how compact and affordable they are, I decided to put one on my Christmas list this year. And so here it is, all ready to go!

For my first spiralizer adventure, I decided to try my hand at the perennial favorite, Zucchini Noodles. Using the spiralizer is surprisingly simple: just pierce one end of the zucchini with the spiked circle until it holds in place, and then slowly rotate the one handle while pushing forward with the other. Seconds, and one half of the zucchini later, out comes…

Easy as pie. No. Easier than pie. From here I simply laid the noodles out on a plate…

Yum! And although I could probably happily eat these fellas just like this, a little sauce to go on top never hurts…

That sauce is Gena’s Sweet Pepper Marinara! Long time readers of this blog may remember that I did try making this once before, but let me tell you, this time came out even better! (Probably because, from what I recall, I followed the recipe more closely this time. I also used a yellow, instead of a red, pepper.) But I wasn’t quite done with this plate just yet…

Okay, so the addition of a side of focaccia bread totally ruined this meal’s raw credentials, but I’m a total sucker for bread. More importantly, this bread was a total steal. I got it at my favorite My Market Bakery as part of one of their day-old bread bags. Why am I buying a day-old bread bag, you ask? Because My Market Bakery knows how to cater to the graduate student population of Toronto and offers their day-old bread bags for just 1 (Canadian) dollar (that’s like 96 US cents!). And the bread bag I got included not only half of a big focaccia loaf, but also four bagels and half a boule. I really could not resist the thrift.

Anyway, that was my first spiralizer meal, and it was, as I hope the photos illustrate, excellent. However, I have to admit that I was a little confused as to what to do when I actually sat down to eat my meal. Why? Because I had no clue what the best way to eat zucchini noodles was! At first, likening them to udon or perhaps lo mein, I went at them with chopsticks. I feel very much at home with chopsticks, but they did not work so well with these zucchini noodles—the noodles were just too knotted up with one another. I then switched over to a fork, but that led to a further conundrum—twirl or cut? In the end, I preferred the classic twirl method, but every few bites I would need to bring in my knife to cut up some stubborn strands. So now I come to you, loyal blog readers, with a request: What is your preferred way to eat spiralized noodles? Any responses will be much appreciated (and, most likely, heeded).

Until we eat again,




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  2. WHOA. Spiralizer! All I can say is…whoa.

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