The Perfect Vegan Frozen Dinner: Indianlife

October 18, 2011

Hi guys and gals!

I don’t usually like buying frozen foods, and rarely ever do. What can I say—I’m just not that into processed, pre-fabricated foods. But sometimes they really are a welcome convenience, especially when after a weekend away one is returning home to an empty fridge and a lot of already-closed supermarkets. On such occasions, I like to plan in advance and stock my freezer with a couple easily heatable dinner delights, and for a long time now my go-to option has been Indianlife and their line of naan and vegetable wraps.

The nice thing about these wraps is that they’re actually made completely from all-natural—that is, perfectly pronounceable and readily recognizable—ingredients: no chemicals or weird preservatives here! On top of this, they are delicious and filling, and thus an extra nice treat to come home to. You can either microwave or bake these puppies, but I prefer baking them, since it keeps the outer wrap crispier and more satisfying.

I should note that not all Indianlife products are vegan, but many are, and it’s very easy to figure out which. I really enjoy their naan wraps in particular, but everything I’ve tried from them is really great. Plus, they’re Canadian (even though based in BC). Their products are well stocked at my nearby Fiesta Farms grocery, but I’m sure you can find them elsewhere in Toronto as well. Check them out sometime! They’re the perfect quick and easy vegan meal.

VeganMoFo #18/31

Until we eat again,



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  1. Thank you for your complements.

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