Toronto Café Tour: The Green Grind

October 19, 2011

Time for another review in my Toronto Café Tour series! This one’s from The Green Grind (yes, another café on my Indie Coffee Passport). Although I don’t spend too much time in Little Italy, I was surprised to discover this little coffeeshop tucked away on the corner of College and Manning. My feelings towards the place ended up being sorta mixed, though; here’s what I thought in more detail:

Latte: First of all, this soy latte was expensive: $4.62, one of the steepest prices I’ve seen in the city. And second, this soy latte wasn’t very good. Perhaps it’s just my personal tastes—I just don’t like lattes with super airy layers of foam on top, or lattes served in tall glasses. What can I say, I guess I’m just a mug-gy sort of guy. But I really wasn’t impressed with any part of this drink, and further disappointed by how much it cost me.

Wifi: Yep! (Although I did have a few connection problems at certain points, especially when a lot of other people were in the café.)

Atmosphere: This is where The Green Grind really shines. From my first step inside, I loved everything. The interior pops with color and everything is really well decorated. The space itself is also fairly large, and there are plenty of seating options, with some good variety in style (I sat at the head of their long oaken banquet table—so cool). I comfortably worked here for hours, which is a very good sign in my book.

Food: Didn’t look too closely at their food options, but I did notice some items specifically marked as vegan on their menu. Awesome!

Final Verdict: This is a tough one—I really loved Green Grind’s atmosphere, but I hated its drink. I could definitely see myself going back and ordering something else, so if you’re going to check it out—which you should—just be sure not to order the soy latte.

VeganMoFo #19/31

Until we eat again,



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