Eat These NOW: Choosing Raw’s Sunflower Oat Bars

August 27, 2011

Hi guys and gals!

Quick post today, because all I have is a brief message. Those bars you see above? You need to make them. Like now. Right now. Because they are incredible. Absolutely to die for. Just so, so good. Can you tell that I like them? Because I LOVE them.

What are they? They’re Choosing Raw’s Five-Minute No-Bake Sunflower Oat Bars, a recipe she just posted earlier this week. As the name suggests, these little granola bars don’t have to be cooked in any way (rather, they’re chilled in the fridge), and they are also a snap to throw together. Furthermore, the recipe only calls for six ingredients: rolled oats, sunflower seeds, sunflower seed butter, raisins, carob chips, and agave nectar/brown rice syrup. Oh and did I already mention that they are mind-blowingly delicious? Because they are, and you need to try them.

On top of all this, these sunflower oat bars are also easily wrapped up so as to make the perfect take-along snack for work, school, or travel. And although they don’t always hold together perfectly (especially after they’ve had some time to warm up to room temperature), I found that they still keep their shape fairly well.

So what are you waiting for. Make these now. They are honestly the best vegan sweet treat I’ve tasted (much less made) in a long, long time. Thanks again to Gena at Choosing Raw for such a stellar recipe!

Until we eat again,



  1. I made these in preparation for the hurricane party! I used half pepitas and half sunflower seeds and they were amazing.


    Did you use agave, brown rice syrup or a combination of the two? (I used agave and mine were a little droopy, even when just out of the fridge.)

    • I used a mixture of brown rice syrup and agave (from what I remember, about 1/2 cup BRS and then 1/3 cup agave). Even still, mine were a bit droopy too. I plan on trying these again soon with a little coconut oil mixed in in addition, because that’s always an excellent binder when refrigerated.

      • I think next time I might take the suggestion Gena made in her post and crumble it to make proper granola.

        The coconut oil will be a nice flavor addition as well as extra binder!

  2. […] Also mentioned in the video are my fantastic sunflower oat bars. Willie made them recently and wrote a whole dedicated post to celebrate them. Check out his review here! […]

  3. […] I can’t take all the credit here, though. As regular readers may recall, not too long ago I gushed about Choosing Raw’s No-Bake Sunflower Oat Bars, which are both absolutely delicious and a snap to […]

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