It Bears Repeating: Banana Soft Serve is the BEST

August 30, 2011

Hey hey!

So I know it’s been years since banana soft serve first made its rounds on the vegan food blogosphere, but since that time, I’m sure a lot of new people have joined the community who may not yet know abou the wonders of this dessert. So for all of you who have heard this before, I apologize. But for those who have no idea what I’m talking about, all I have to say is: banana soft serve is seriously one of the best things on the planet. It actually makes me not miss cows’ milk ice cream anymore. It’s just that good.

Banana soft serve is also very practical, as I always seem to have a few bananas in every bunch that I can’t eat before they get all soft and mushy. When this happens, I simply break them into a few chunks and throw them in a freezer bag. These frozen bananas often get put into the smoothies I make, but when I’m looking for a delectable late-night treat, they get turned into banana soft serve! The process is simple: just put some frozen bananas in a food processor, and then run the food processor. That’s it. (Note, however, that unless your food processor is really powerful, you’re going need to help it along a bit in breaking up the bananas.) The banana’s natural sweetness and texture mimic that of ice cream incredibly well, but with no added junk! Amazing.

As an extra special treat, I sometimes like to mix in a spoonful or so of nut butter, as I’ve done above, an idea I got way back from Dreena Burton. It’s not at all necessary, but it does make for an even more decadent treat. Furthermore, the last time I whipped up some banana soft serve, I was lucky enough to be able to surround it with lots of fresh Ontario fruit: peaches, blackberries, and blue grapes! With a little sprinkle of flaxseed meal to go on top (thanks to This Little Vegan for this excellent idea), I had one absolutely outstanding dessert.

So, if you’ve never tried banana soft serve before, I highly, highly encourage you to. Getting away from ice cream has never been easier.

Until we eat again,



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