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Fawaffles (Vegan & Gluten-Free Falafel Waffles)

November 19, 2011

I have a new favourite word and that word is fawaffles.

For those who can’t tell, ‘fawaffle’ is a portmanteau of ‘falafel’ and ‘waffle’, used to describe falafel patties that have been baked in a waffle iron. Apparently, I’m not the first to come up with this moniker, but still, fawaffles have a fairly low internet presence right now, and so I want to do what little I can to change that.

This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been perhaps more excited about a recipe’s name than the recipe itself, though it may be the first time that I’ve made a recipe primarily because I loved the name so much. Fortunately, fawaffles are as much a pleasure to eat as ‘fawaffle’ is to say. But that’s no surprise: falafels are awesome, and all that’s different with fawaffles is the baking method.

For my fawaffles, I basically followed this Yummly recipe, which by omitting the breadcrumbs, made them entirely gluten-free! There’s a lot of cilantro and parsley in here to give them flavor, and cooked brown rice acts as the binder. And though they definitely could’ve held together a little better in the end, I was very happy overall with how they turned out.

Making these fawaffles also gave me the excuse to try out this Vegan Tzatziki sauce from Vegan Dad, which I must tell you is absolutely divine. Seriously, it is drinkably good. So good that I didn’t even feel the need to stick my falafels into pitas: with this tzatziki, a little bit of harissa, and a small sprig of parsley as garnish, these fawaffles actually became a refined, composed dish, and one that I wanted to just keep eating and eating.

So spread the word—make some fawaffles for you and your friends and see what you’ve been missing!

Until we eat again,


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