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Where to Find Me: Harvest Noon Café

January 28, 2012

Have you ever seen food on this blog and thought, “Maaan, I’d really like to pay someone a minimal amount of money to eat that”? Well now here’s your chance.

For the last six months, I’ve been hard at work with an awesome group of dedicated students and volunteers helping to open a new campus café and restaurant we’re calling Harvest Noon and guess what—we’re opening Monday! Starting January 30th, you’ll be able to visit us on the second floor of 16 Bancroft Avenue (the Graduate Students’ Union building, in the southwestern quadrant of the UofT campus) from 10am to 2pm Monday through Friday and grab an affordable and delicious UWEA-approved lunch, along with some coffee, tea, and a muffin.

This café has been an exhilarating experience for me. I’ve been primarily involved with the menu planning side of things, and can personally attest to the awesomeness of all our food. In fact, frequent UWEA readers will recognize many of our opening week’s menu items as some of the all-star recipes from this blog, such as…

Sunchoke Soup

Hearty Apple Muffins

…and of course, my Foc Yeah! Focaccia Bread!

But Harvest Noon is more than just a super awesome restaurant which has given me the opportunity to share my food with the rest of the city. What really sets our café apart from the rest (and what got me involved in and excited about it in the first place) is our mission, mandate, and values: namely, our commitment to serving food that is locally, sustainably, and organically grown; maximally economically and dietarily accessible (that means cheap and vegan!); and of course, healthy and delicious!

Beyond all this, I just think Harvest Noon is an awesome space to be in—we’ve been slowly decorating, furnishing, and repainting for the last several months, and I love the current atmosphere and feel of the space. You’ll really have to stop by to experience it for yourself if you’re curious, but for now I’ll leave you with some more photos. Here’s one of our volunteers at our cash register:

And here are some of our other volunteers hard at work in our main space:

Oh and here’s me!

(I was kneading bread.)

So if you’re near the UofT campus next week, please stop by, say hi, and pick up some food! To repeat: 16 Bancroft Avenue, second floor, 10am to 2pm, Monday through Friday. And just in case you’re interested, let me remind you that Harvest Noon is currently opening 100% volunteer-run, and if you’re available and at all interested in helping us out, let us know by sending an email to, and we’ll help find you a volunteer shift that works in your schedule!

(And to all my other readers: please bear with me as blog updates will be a little less frequent than usual for the next couple weeks.)

Until we eat again,



Where to Find Me: In the Bike Pirates Kitchen

October 31, 2011

Hi all!

This blog is not popular enough to warrant a “frequently asked questions” page (or even just a “questions” page, for that matter), but if it were, I’d like to think that one question people would be frequently asking is, “Where can I get my hands on some of your delicious food?!!” Well, today I’m happy to offer one answer to this hypothetical question: come visit me at Bike Pirates!

What is Bike Pirates, you say? For those not already in the know, Bike Pirates is a DIY volunteer-run and donation-based bike shop where you can come in and learn bicycle maintenance hands-on, so as to help you fix up anything you need on your existing bike or to help you build up a new bike from scratch. It’s an excellent little part of the community, filled with good people and good values, and it’s one of the many things that makes me love Toronto as much as I do.

So what am I doing there, you say? Well, Bike Pirates, as it happens, also has a kitchen…

And a vegan kitchen, at that! And once I found this out—and that they’re always looking for more kitchen volunteers—I thought it’d be the perfect way for me to get involved and give back. And so, once a week for the past several months, I’ve been going into Bike Pirates and cooking up a delicious dinner for everyone there—and it’s been awesome!

I enjoy cooking at Pirates, first of all, because I love the opportunity to share my food. Furthermore, cooking at Pirates is always a bit of challenge, and a fun one at that: For one thing, I have to cook for anywhere between twenty and forty people a night, and secondly, I’m on a $15 budget. The Bike Pirates kitchen is actually very well stocked, so I often come nowhere close to spending that much, but it does still force me to be creative. A few times I’ve gone there with no idea of what I was going to make and just let the available produce in the kitchen make my decision for me. Other times I’ve used the meal as an opportunity to test out a new recipe I’d been curious about. Some of the many things I’ve made in the past include…

Miso Root Vegetable Soup!

Sweet Potato Chili!

Trail Mix Cupkins!

And the very popular Peanut Butter Tofu Tacos!

Curious to know the next time I’ll be cooking at Pirates? Well, I’ve set up a Google calendar for just that purpose. You can simply view it below, or you can click this link to view the calendar on its own, and then (I think) add it to your own calendar, if you’re tech savvy enough.

So please stop by if you ever get the chance! Everyone at Bike Pirates is super friendly, and it’s definitely the place to go if you ever need some help with your bike.

Finally, I just want to point out that this post is my last post of this year’s VeganMoFo. That was a post a day for all of October! Phew. It was a rush, but I’m so glad it’s over. I’ll be back again soon, don’t worry—just don’t expect me to be back here tomorrow.

VeganMoFo #31/31

Until we eat again,


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