Cinnamon Roasted Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes)

January 14, 2012

Okay, I know. I know I know I know. This blog has a sunchoke problem.

But you see, sunchokes are just so good. And with only so many weeks left in their season, I can’t resist buying them each week at the farmers’ market and then coming home and challenging myself to find new ways to prepare them. This past week I got a little inspiration from the farmhand who sold me my sunchokes, who recommended I try roasting them with just a little bit of cinnamon. I hadn’t tried roasting sunchokes at all yet, so it seemed like a good thing to try. And boy howdy, did these taste good.

The recipe couldn’t be simpler: First, wash your sunchokes and then slice into big bite-size chunks. Next melt some coconut oil and then toss your sunchokes in that oil mixed with a teaspoon or two of cinnamon. Sprinkle a wee bit of salt on top of that, and then bake your sunchokes in the oven for about 45 minutes at 375°F, checking along the way for doneness. After they’re fork-tender, simply take out of the oven and enjoy!

And that’s all there is to it! This is probably the easiest sunchoke recipe I’ve posted thus far, yet it’s one of the best, so I hope you find time to try it our for yourself. And rest assured, there will be more sunchoke recipes to follow—the season’s not quite over yet!

Until we eat again,




  1. I definitely need to try these. Which market do you find them at? I’ve found them once at the St. Lawrence Market (though not in the Farmer’s Market section, just in one of the grocery stalls), and once at the new terrifyingly huge Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens. Might be nice to get them at a market!

    And if it’s any consolation, this blog reader is not at all tired of sunchokes yet. I’m excited for even more recipes! 🙂

    • I’ve been getting mine at the Wychwood Barn’s farmers’ market on Saturday mornings, which is the market I always go to. I’ve also seen them at Fiesta Farms. And I’d expect them to be at the other farmers’ markets around the city, too, since at this time of year, there’s not much else they can grow and sell.

  2. This sounds like such a FANTASTIC combination of flavors! I haven’t seen any sunchokes in our local market here. . . and since our organic produce company stopped delivering to our area (sob), I really miss them! Thanks for submitting to WW this week. 🙂

  3. […] Cinnamon Roasted Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes) from Until We Eat Again.  How could I resist these fabulous root veggies–that have “sun” right in their name? If you’ve never tried sunchokes, you’re in for a real treat! […]

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