Toronto Café Tour: The Abbott

November 25, 2011

Hey hey folks! It’s been getting colder up here in Toronto, and that decrease in air temperature has brought with it an increase in my desire for warm drinks. In other words, here’s another Toronto Café Tour review, this time from the little Parkdale location known as The Abbott (which is yet another Indie Coffee Passport location, for anyone keeping track).


Latte: A soy latte from the Abbott’s will run you $3.25 for a single and $4.00 for a double, which are fairly standard prices for this city. I got the double, and though I strongly disapprove of the paper cup, the drink itself was very good, a solid latte all around.

Wifi: Yep!

Atmosphere: The Abbott is a little on the small side, with only a handful of tables and chairs available for those drinking in. Furthermore, the tables they have are very small. I didn’t include my current fictional diversion in the above photo just as a size reference; there simply was not enough space on my little table to crop it out! Still, this is really only a minor quibble. The decor of The Abbott is very nicely done, though: lots of old-fashioned knick-knacks and doodads, mason jars and washboards adorn the walls, and my personal favorite design choice: the washroom’s sole decoration, unframed vinyl jacket of the Flashdance movie soundtrack.

Clientele: I was there on a weekday afternoon, and the crowd seemed slightly older than at my usual haunts, which is to say, thirtysomethings rather than twentysomethings. Most of the people coming in and staying spent their time quietly working or something or other.

Music: When I was there, I heard The Strokes, Zola Jesus, and Arcade Fire, so: good, but a little too familiar.

Food: Only a handful of food options on offer, none of which looked particularly vegan.

Final Verdict: The Abbott is nice, if a little out of the way for me. There was nothing really wrong with the place, but nothing really stood out for me, either. Which is to say: If I’m ever in the neighbourhood again, I’d definitely go back, but I doubt that I’ll ever make the trek out there again specifically for this café.

Until we eat again,


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