Toronto Café Tour: Moonbean Coffee

November 22, 2011

Hi all! I’m here today with yet another Toronto Café Tour review, this time from Kensington Market hotspot Moonbean Coffee (yet another Indie Coffee Passport participating location)! Here’s what I thought…


Latte: Moonbean’s latte runs a slightly-higher-than-average $3.68, but it is excellent—I daresay one of the best soy lattes in the city. It had the perfect silkiness with a strong espresso flavour that was simply to die for. In addition, Moonbean doesn’t skimp on size; although this photo may not show it, this is a sizeable cup.

Wifi: No!

Atmosphere: I’d been to Moonbean during the afternoon a couple of times before this visit and it was practically standing room only, sometimes with lines going out the door. This time, however, I visited early on a weekday morning and it was virtually empty, and actually the perfect place to get some work done. Moonbean offers lots of seating options, with a big backroom in addition to their main space, as well as an open-air patio for the warmer months. But your experience definitely depends on when you visit: go early and enjoy the quiet, go later and be prepared to get friendly with your neighbours!

Clientele: Like other Kensington coffeeshops, Moonbean attracts a lot of the local bohemians crowd, which I love. As I said above, the café was pretty much empty for the majority of this visit, but towards the end of my stay I was joined by a couple of budding intellectuals who were meeting to discuss Kabbalah, Freudian psychoanalysis, and string theory, to which all I can say is: yes.

Music: I was sitting in Moonbean’s backroom for the entirety of this visit, and they actually don’t play music all the way back there. I sort of enjoyed the quiet, and on the couple occasions when I went back to the main space, whatever they were playing sounded nice.

Food: Moonbean offers lots of vegan options (no surprise, really, given their Kensington location), many of which looked made in-house, which is awesome. I didn’t try any of them out, but I’m pretty confident from their appearance that all of them would be super delicious.

Final Verdict: Moonbean’s main attraction is my opinion is their latte, which is stellar. The atmosphere is a little hit-or-miss depending on the time of the day, and most of the time is probably not the best place to go to while away the daylight hours (especially if what you’re doing requires internet, which they don’t provide). But if you’re in Kensington and are looking to get a tasty espresso drink, Moonbean is the place to go. Check it out the next time you’re in the neighbourhood.

Until we eat again,


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