New Favorite: Kelp Noodles

October 30, 2011


Do you know about kelp noodles? Before last month, I had only tried them once or twice at restaurants and never seen them in stores, although I had read a lot about them (mostly from Gena). Well, Sea Tangle‘s popular little baggies finally hit Toronto last month (at least to my awareness), and I couldn’t be happier for the opportunity finally to get to use kelp noodles in my own kitchen.

Particularly popular in the raw food community, kelp noodles are a crunchy, translucent (and gluten-free!) noodle made from kelp (yeah, the sea vegetable!). They’re super easy to prepare, because all you have to do is rinse them in water for a couple minutes, and then they’re ready to go!

Though kelp noodles don’t have much flavor themselves, I really love them for their texture. Unlike spaghetti or zucchini pasta, kelp noodles always maintain a real crunchiness, even after they’ve been soaking in water for days. So, although they could definitely still serve as the base in an Asian-style noodle dish, I’ve been loving using them as an addition to one of my Colossal Confetti Salads. (This also helps my bags of kelp noodles last longer; I can usually get one bag to last for a week’s worth of salads.)

Kelp noodles are probably still slowly making their way to non-urban areas, but for those of you lucky enough to live in Toronto, I’ve seen them at Herbs & Nutrition on Bloor and Tutti Frutti in Kensington, and that probably means they’re at a lot of other places too. So keep your eyes open, and try kelp noodles for yourself!

VeganMoFo #30/31

Until we eat again,



  1. Cool review! This is one of those products I always pick up, debate, and put back. Maybe next time I’ll put it in my basket!

  2. I really really want to try those noodles but when I found them in my health food store that little packet was £7.95!! That just seems insane, I hope yours were more reasonably priced!

    • The ones in stores here sell for about $5.50 (CAD). Still expensive, but much more reasonable than 8 quid!

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