Toronto Café Tour: Seven Grams Espresso Bar

October 25, 2011

Hiya! I’m here today reporting from the latest stop in Toronto Café Tour: Seven Grams Espresso Bar, located on Avenue Road just south of Davenport, on Webster. Also, from now on I’m going to add some more categories to my café assessments, upon the recommendation of a friend: Clientele and Music, which will hopefully give you an even better sense of what the café is like. Anyway, here’s what I thought.


Latte: Seven Grams charges $4.25 for this petite double shot, which is thankfully the same price regardless of milk choice. That puts them on the more expensive end of the latte spectrum, and unfortunately, this latte tasted somewhere closer to the middle of the pack for me. Which is not to say that it was bad—actually, it was quite good: creamy and smooth, with a nice espresso flavor. But I wasn’t knocked out, and the soy milk tasted a little off to me for whatever reason. I probably wouldn’t’ve minded paying $3.50 for this drink, but at $4.25, I wanted something a little better.

Wifi: Yes!

Atmosphere: This is a fairly new coffeeshop, as far as my (minimal) research tells me, but you wouldn’t know it from how slick and well-established it looks inside. In fact, the interior is positively swanky, outfitted with only the shiniest and most stylish furniture an IKEA catalogue can buy (their decor was probably not actually bought at IKEA, but it has that same off-putting sterility about it). There are three floors of seating options, ranging from big comfy chairs to nice desks for working to a big banquet table on the top floor. So as a place to come and get stuff done, Seven Grams has got you covered, as long as you can get past the artsy opulence of it all.

Clientele: On the Friday morning I was there, most of Seven Grams’ customers seemed like businesspeople, ranging from young professionals to older salarymen. Most of my café mates were people having meetings, discussing real estate or social media nonsense. This is not my type of crowd, and I did end up feeling a little out of place.

Music: There is only one way to describe Seven Grams’ musical selection, which is: Starbucks. Though some of the individual songs were by people I quite enjoy (Fiona Apple, Sufjan), for the most part their artist choices were spoiled by which of their songs they chose to play (so Elvis Costello, but “Everyday I Write the Book”, or The Pixies, but “Here Comes Your Man”). At other times, the music digressed into the purely unbearable, with a surprisingly awful string of cover songs: a a mock-soul cover of “The Wind Cries Mary”, someone destroying Bob Dylan (gross), and of all things, a Radiohead cover (*gag*) (it was “High and Dry”). Rufus Wainwright, the Jackson Five, and Marcy Playground rounded out the morning’s horrible mix.

Food: Lots of options, on both the sweet and the savory side of the spectrum, none of which looked vegan.

Final Verdict: Seven Grams is not my sort of café. Though the space is very nice and spacious, and the coffee is good, the overall Seven Grams experience is too expensive and too swanky for me. For people looking for a local, independent Starbucks replacement, Seven Grams may be the perfect fit. But for people like me, there are better places to while away the morning.

VeganMoFo #25/31

Until we eat again,



  1. I recently saw a tweet saying they have carry a vegan hermit cookie but who actually wants to eat a hermit cookie?

    • What even is a hermit cookie.

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