Toronto Café Tour: T.A.N. Coffee (on Baldwin)

October 15, 2011

I’m here today with another Toronto Café Tour review, and the first place I’ve checked out with my brand new Indie Coffee Passport! My destination was T.A.N. Coffee, at their Baldwin St. location. Here’s what I thought:

Latte: T.A.N.’s soy latte cost a fairly standard $3.50, but it was spectacular, better than many lattes that I’ve paid more than a dollar more for. It was smooth, creamy, and suffused with an irresistible espresso flavor. The excellence of their latte probably has something to do with the care T.A.N. takes in sourcing only the best and most fair trade beans. I know that this sort of thing can sometimes all be just so much hot steam, but T.A.N. is rightly proud of the coffee they brew. You really have to taste it for yourself.

Wifi: Yes!

Atmosphere: Very nice. T.A.N.’s Baldwin location is a little on the small side, but they fill it well with plenty of good tables and chairs. Most importantly, the space feels comfortable; I could easily see myself coming here to do work, and even getting work done!

Food: T.A.N. offers both sweet and savory dishes, but as far as I could tell, very few vegan options, save for a few Sweets from the Earth treats they had in their display case.

Final Verdict: T.A.N. Coffee won me over with their latte, and I’d definitely come back just for that. Add to that the comfortable atmosphere and you’ve got yourself a solid café. Check T.A.N. out for yourself!

VeganMoFo #15/31

Until we eat again,



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