Canadian Thanksgiving, pt. 2: Mains

October 13, 2011

Hi all! I’m back again with part two of my three-part Canadian Thanksgiving dinner series! Yesterday I covered the starters, and today I’m moving right along to the main courses. After much deliberation, I decided against making any one centerpiece item this year and instead opted to make four simple, satisfying, and seasonal savory dishes. Here’s how it all went down…

First up, we have my “Neapolitan” Sweet Potato Trio! This dish was a lot of fun to make. Sweet potatoes have long been a Thanksgiving staple of mine, and after seeing all the different varieties available at the local farmers’ market, I thought it’d be cool to showcase the range and diversity of this stellar root vegetable. And in addition to using different types of sweet potatoes, I also flavored each variety slightly differently: the standard orange potatoes were mixed with coconut milk and so extra sweet; the white sweet potatoes were chock full of rosemary; and I kept things simple with the purple/blue potatoes, simply seasoning them with generous amounts of salt and pepper. I really enjoyed getting to move back and forth on my plate between so many different sweet potato varieties and flavors; I only wish that the three preparations worked a little better in conjunction with each other.

Next up, I made a big bowl of my Signature Colossal Confetti Salad. To keep with my seasonal theme, I used lots of fresh farmers’ market produce in this: kale, arugula, daikon, and even some local edamame! (I didn’t even know you could get local edamame—how cool!) This salad never fails to disappoint, and so naturally it was a big hit.

Following this I served some of my favorite pumpkin soup. This is simply pumpkin pureed with soymilk, Earth Balance, salt, and sugar, but it really doesn’t need anything more. The pumpkin is the star here, and now was the perfect time to showcase it.

I also roasted some corn as my fourth main course, but I apparently neglected to photograph it at any point during the evening. Anyway, it looked like corn. Let your imagination do what it will with that.

And those were my mains! Tomorrow I’ll be back with the close of this fantastic feast, so you know what that means…

“What? Did someone say dessert?”

VeganMoFo #13/31

Until we eat again,




  1. I’m coming next year, Willie, if only just for that trio.

    Oh, and your company, too. >.>

    • I will remind you that my American Thanksgiving dinner is only a month and a half away…

  2. goodness gracious that dog is the cutest dog EVER. I’m afraid she’s just taking the spotlight away from your food.

    • There’s a reason I save her photos for the end. If I put them at the top, everyone would just stop reading there!

  3. I was sure the purple part of your trio was going to be beets, awesome colour and probably really nutritious because of it. I’m with the dog, anxious to see what’s for dessert!

    • Chris, you have given me an EXCELLENT idea: purple sweet potato & beet mash. With any luck I will be trying this out this weekend!

  4. I can’t get past the awesomeness of the neapolitan potatoes.

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  6. I want that pumpkin soup…all I’ve got is canned pumpkin puree in the house…think it’s worth a try? Beautiful food, beautiful dog.

    • I really dislike canned pumpkin puree, so perhaps I’m not the best person to ask, but for this recipe especially I would *never* used the canned stuff. The star of the soup in just the pumpkin in all its natural flavor, so you really need to get a fresh gourd from the market. Thankfully, they’re plentiful right now, so get one and make this soup while you can!

      • Fair enough. Most of my pumpkin-ing is baking, and I haven’t gotten tired of the canned stuff, yet. But I can see why this recipe would be best with the real thing. Can’t wait to try it!

  7. That sweet potato trio is beautiful and so creative – everything else looks awesome too 🙂

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