Toronto Café Tour: NOIR Coffee & Tea

October 6, 2011

Hiya! I’m here today with an all-new Toronto Café Tour review, this time of NOIR Coffee & Tea, a slick café located just west of Christie and St. Clair. This actually wasn’t my first time here, but it was my first time here since starting the Tour, and my first time with a camera. Here’s what I thought…

Latte Tea: Though it’s my general policy to always order lattes at the cafés I visit for the Toronto Café Tour (for parity of comparisons), I had to make an exemption for NOIR, which has such a fantastic tea selection. Just check out their shelf!

See? Awesomeness. Anyway, on this visit I shared a pot for two of rooibos tea mixed with a small amount of chai, a fantastic combination that came per the recommendation of our barista (it cost somewhere between $4 and $5, sorry for forgetting the exact amount). The tea was nicely prepared on a bamboo tray and even came with a timer to tell us when it was done steeping. The tea itself was also very good, though I seem to remember the green tea variety I tried the last time I was here even more.

Wifi: Yes, but they seem to use one of those odd in-browser sign-in systems, which I despise.

Atmosphere: NOIR is slick and stylish, all decked out in faux Japanese tea house fashion. It could easily come off as hackneyed, and maybe this is just my lack of decor sense, but I sorta like it. I don’t know; judge for yourself:

Whatever you may think about these furnishings, the space is at the very least relaxing and comfortable, with a wide variety of quality seating options, from high bar stools to soft armchairs, and plenty of tables to work on if you so wish. Thumbs up!

Food: Last but not least, NOIR has a lot of food, much of it made in-house. None of what I briefly looked at was specifically marked as vegan, but I’m fairly certain you’d be able to find or have them make something vegan for you if you so desired.

Final Verdict: I like NOIR a lot, and if it didn’t require me to bike up the precipitous hill that is Christie between Dupont and St. Clair, I’d probably visit them much more often. But for those times when I am in the area, or when I’m just in the mood for a good pot of tea, NOIR is an excellent destination.

VeganMoFo #6/31

Until we eat again,



One comment

  1. I used to live in Toronto – and everytime I go back we head to Noir (even when it’s out of the way). I never really thought of it as a tea place – I get random drinks and my husband always gets the french press. The prices are kinda high, but it’s a super comfortable place to chill and read books. The staff are friendly, and we never feel rushed – a bad feeling in a coffee shop!

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