So Awesome: The Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival

September 13, 2011

Hey guys!

What a long weekend! If you follow me on Twitter (which you totally should), you’ll already know that this weekend was full of awesomeness and excitement at the 27th annual Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival. I really didn’t expect that I’d want to keep coming back day after day, but as things turned out I spent all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday enjoying all the festival had to offer. And man oh man, let me tell you about all it had to offer…

First off, the food—oh, the food. It was all delicious, all vegan, and all quickly in my tummy. From this APieCalypse Now s’more pie…

…to this APieCalypse Now dark chocolate espresso pie…

…to this creamie from Bunner’s Bakeshop

…to this lovely Indian lunch platter from Udupi Palace

…everything was incredible—and vegan, of course! And trust me, I ate much more than I managed to photograph, such as an awesome raw dinner from Nzyme, more cupcakes and sweets from Bunner’s, and an amazing mile-high brownie from Kindfood. Also super awesome were Sick On Sin, a vegan T-shirt and design company, whose buttons were absolutely adorable (I got three!):

There were many excellent presenters present, as well. I particularly enjoyed Melanie Joy‘s talk on carnism and vegan advocacy, and Nadia Masoudi and Terry Hope Romero were also a lot of fun. And there were cooking demos, too, including one showing you how to make this lovely trio of banana soft serve blizzards (from left to right): raw mint oreo cookie, raw cookie dough, and strawberry cheesecake!

The only thing better than getting to sample these knockout blizzards was getting to watch the lovely Lisa and Nicole show us how they’re all done. I just had such a blast watching them perform their culinary magic.

Seriously, I think I could watch a cooking show with Lisa and Nicole all day. And if there were always free samples, I’d probably become a permanent audience member. (Oh and did I mention that they demoed all three of those blizzards with all their fixings in just 45 minutes?? Insanity.)

Beyond the food, talks, and demos, though, the best thing about the festival was without a doubt all the people I got to meet and hang out with: not only other Toronto vegans and vegetarians, who were all wonderful, but also tons of other vegan bloggers! Shout outs to The Tofu Princess, Ricki from Diet, Dessert and Dogs, Chris from This Little Vegan, Jess from Cupcakes and Kale, and then of course Lisa and Nicole, from Vegan Culinary Crusade and A Dash of Compassion, respectively.

Want to read even more about the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival? Well you’re in luck, because I was so behind the curve in getting this post written that now everyone else at the festival has already gotten their own posts out on the interwebs. Here are just the ones I’ve seen so far…

Thanks again to all the wonderful volunteers and organizers that made this festival so special for me and everyone else! And to all my non-Torontonian readers, who are surely sick at this point of hearing me go on and on about the Food Festival, I have a message for you: Regular posts will resume later this week. Also, come to the Vegetarian Food Festival next year!

Until we eat again,




  1. Great summary, Willie! Wow–I thought I took in a lot on Sunday, but you covered everything! It was great to finally meet you there. And Lisa and Nicole did a fantastic job–and that trio of blizzards wasn’t half bad, either! 😉

  2. Hey! Thanks for the mention. Looks like you ate your fill of sweets! It was a great time, wasn’t it. I should try to fly in every year. 🙂

  3. Willie, it sounds like you had a really wonderful weekend. I’m so glad you enjoyed the demo! Thank you so much for coming and capturing some great shots.

    I’m glad you’re already using your softserve powers for good and showing all your friends how delicious it is to be vegan.


  4. Ditto what Ricki said, it was great meeting you.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, Willie! I’m so glad you enjoyed our demo.

  6. […] layer of icing in between—which I had just tried for the first time at this year’s Vegetarian Food Festival and loved. Everything at Bunner’s is already vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free, so I knew […]

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