You Should Be: at the Vegetarian Food Festival

September 10, 2011

Hi there!

If you’re in Toronto and reading this on Saturday or Sunday, September 10 and 11, then you should really stop reading this and get on over to the Harbourfront Centre for Toronto’s 27th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival. It’s apparently the largest festival of its kind in North America, but more importantly it’s just tons of fun, but even more importantly I WILL BE THERE HANGING OUT. And probably eating more of these:

That’s a butter tart from Bunner’s Bakeshop, whose tent is conveniently (read: dangerously) located right next to the Sweets From the Earth one:

Aside from all the wonderful vendors and restaurants, there are also talks and cooking demos happening all throughout the day. When I stopped by last (Friday) night, for instance, I saw Terry Hope Romero give a fun talk all about vegan blogging.

But the biggest upside to the festival is getting to be around so many cool and like-minded people. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with Chris from the This Little Vegan blog, and I should be meeting up with many others over the next two days (and don’t worry, a full recap will be posted here early next week).

So come on down! There’s lots of food, talks, and yes, free samples. And if you want to say hi, just let me know! Twitter is probably the best way to get in touch with me, but email will do the trick too. I’ll be around basically all day Saturday and possibly Sunday afternoon as well, especially if the weather stays as nice as it was last night.

Until we eat again,



One comment

  1. It was great to meet you there, Willie! Hope you had fun the rest of the day. 🙂

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