Toronto Café Tour: Sam James Coffee Bar

September 9, 2011

Hi there!

I’m here today with another Toronto Café Tour review, this time from Sam James Coffee Bar on Harbord. This small little coffeeshop is well known for its drinks, and so I was very excited to finally try it out earlier this week. Here’s what I thought:


Latte: Solid, though a little on the small side for the price ($3.33). I think I was underwhelmed given the hype surrounding Sam James, but abstracting away from that it definitely was good espresso. Just not anything I’d call incredible. Love the scorpion tail latte art though.

Wifi: No, but that’s keeping with the general atmosphere of the place (see below).

Atmosphere: Sam James is not a study space; the only seating available is a small bar in front of the window and a small bench along the wall. There are some additional stools outside for when the weather’s nice, but nothing for those looking to do some work. Which is fine; for what it is, Sam James does it very well.

Food: A small display case of assorted pastries, none of which looked particularly vegan.

Final Verdict: Sam James is a nice place, and surely located in a good spot for many. It is not, however, what I look for in a café. Its latte didn’t blow me away, and the space is limited. Nonetheless, I could see many others really enjoying Sam James.

Until we eat again,



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