Fresh Corn Pancakes! (adapted from Closet Cooking)

August 24, 2011


Ah, corn season. What a wonderful way to end the summer. I’ve been taking full advantage of the piles and piles of corn readily available at the Toronto farmers’ markets these days, and as a result been making many more corn-centered recipes than usual, from Choosing Raw’s delectable summer corn & coconut soup to simple oven-roasted corn-on-the-cob (always roasted in husk, mind you). And yesterday, corn made it into my breakfast, after I saw this tantalizing recipe for fresh corn pancakes on Closet Cooking the night before. With a couple of easy vegan substitutions, these fluffy pancakes were on my table the next morning, and in my stomach mere seconds later.

The cool thing about these pancakes is that fresh whole corn kernels go right into the batter. I think mine would’ve worked a little better if my corn kernels had been a little smaller, but these were still really good. They definitely need a little maple syrup on top, though, as the pancakes are low in natural sweetness.

And in case anyone is wondering, my vegan substitutions for this recipe were soymilk for cows’ milk, flax eggs (2 tbsp flaxseed meal + 6 tbsp water) for chicken eggs, and vegan butter for cows’ milk butter. I also subbed in brown sugar for white sugar, but for no other reason than that my brown sugar was in the kitchen and I didn’t want to walk upstairs to find my white sugar. Still worked though!

I hope you all get to enjoy these pancakes soon, too, and if nothing else, just go out and get some summer corn before it’s gone!

Until we eat again,



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