Toronto Café Tour: Red Rocket Coffee

August 20, 2011

Today’s TCT review is coming from Red Rocket Coffee, at their Wellesley Street location, just east of Jarvis. This my first visit was a all in all a wonderful experience; here are the specifics…


Latte: Actually, I didn’t order a latte here, as I was enticed away by the eponymous drink on the café’s menu. As it turned out, their so-called ‘Red Rocket’ is a combination of coffee, espresso, and spicy chocolate, which is wonderful mix of flavors. However, be warned: there is no reason for anyone to even order the medium size of this drink ($4.05), as I did, as the medium consists of 16 ounces of coffee, somewhere near a half cup of chocolate syrup, and three shots of espresso. Halfway through this I felt like I had been punched in the gut. I didn’t even come close to finishing it, and I shudder to think about how much goes into the large. Still, though, it was tasty. I’d really like to come back and try their latte sometime though, for a better comparison.

Wifi: Yes sir!

Atmo: Loved it. Red Rocket feels a little more modern and Starbucks-y than most of the other cafés I’ve been visiting, but it’s a very nice space, with a hip and fun decor. The inside is a little slim on seating options, but there are plenty of extra seats outside when the weather is nice.


Food: Lots of tasty options on offer, including the above chocolate peanut butter bar, which was delectable! And the barista was even nice enough to check for me that it was vegan! So nice.

Final Verdict: I really loved Red Rocket. If it were closer to me I’d come here all the time, but I’m just happy that there is a place like this on Wellesley for whenever I’m in the area. Recommended!

Until we eat again,



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