Toronto Café Tour: Mylk Uncookies

August 19, 2011

Usually, I like to keep my Toronto Café Tour reviews short and sweet: that’s part of the idea behind the series. But since today’s review is of Mylk Uncookies, a Cabbagetown café specializing in raw and vegan treats (!!), I thought I’d say a little more than usual, in appreciation of their accommodating menu, and their awesomeness. I’ll still keep to the same format as normal, though. Anyway, here’s what I thought…

Latte: One of the things that sets Mylk Uncookies apart from other cafés is that they make their own almond milk (or ‘mylk’, if you’re a fan of vegan lexicography). And fittingly, this almond milk gets used in their lattes. Although I usually prefer soy milk in my lattes (I’ve had some pretty lousy experiences with (boxed) almond milk lattes in the past), I was more than willing to give MU’s in-house blend ($3.75) a shot, and I was very pleased with what I got. The flavor of my drink was definitely different from a soy latte, but not in a bad way. The almond milk had a fullness and richness that you don’t usually find in boxed almond milks, and it made for a really drinkable and satisfying drink. I also appreciated the nonobjectivist latte art.

Wifi: Yes!

Atmosphere: The interior of Mylk Uncookies is bright, clean, spacious, and welcoming (if a little predictable in its decor). There are plenty of tables and comfortable chairs, as well as a bookshelf sporting a few boardgames, making this a perfect place to come and while away a few hours, alone or with friends. (And, if you’re wondering, that graphic novel sitting on my table is a copy of Jeffrey Brown’s Cat Getting Out of a Bag and Other Observations, a thoroughly wonderful book.)

Food: As if the in-house almond milk lattes weren’t a big enough draw already, Mylk Uncookies also offers a wide array of vegan and raw treats. Their menu is not entirely vegan (as I was misled into believing from this Torontoist review), but I’d say about half of what they have on offer is, which is awesome. When I visited I chose two treats from their display case…

…this peanut butter chocolate bar ($2.75)…

…and this lucuma macaroon ($2)!

Starting from the bottom and working my way up, I thought the lucuma macaroon was very nice. It was super petite, but also very dense, making it a surprisingly filling treat for its size. I think I would’ve preferred if it were a little dense and more chewy, actually, but the taste was awesome. And it’s raw! So even more awesome!

The peanut butter chocolate bar was also very good. I’m a sucker for the peanut butter chocolate flavor combination, so this was an easy sell for me. Again, the taste was superb, but I would’ve preferred the bottom peanut butter layer to be a little chewier; the top chocolate layer, on the other hand, was divine.

In addition, they had a few other vegan offerings in their display case when I was there: a cocoa macaroon and a little vegan cheesecake round. Normally they seem to have some more breakfast-y vegan baked goods as well, but these were all well sold out by the time I got there in the afternoon.

Final Verdict: So, if it’s not obvious already, I really liked Mylk Uncookies. It was more than worth the thirty-some-odd-minute bike ride it took me to get there from Christie Pits, and despite the distance, I fully expect to be back. You should visit too! You won’t be disappointed.

Until we eat again,



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