Summer Corn & Coconut Soup (from Choosing Raw)

August 18, 2011

Sometimes, things just work out perfectly. Like when one of your favorite food blogs just so happens to post a new recipe in the morning which not only looks delicious but also calls for precisely the ingredients you have left over from your dinner the night before. Anyway, that’s my story with the summer corn and coconut soup you see below, whose recipe was just posted on Choosing Raw earlier this week. Having a couple of ears of corn remaining from my weekend farmers’ market and a half a can of coconut left over from my zucchini farfalle dinner party, I was already well on my way to having this soup on my table. With the simple addition of an onion and a bell pepper, I had all I needed to whip up this easy breezy summer soup!

All I have to say here is that this soup is really great, and you should definitely try it out for yourself. I really liked the pairing here with the coconut milk and curry powder. I added a fair amount of pepper to mine to give it an extra kick, but it would totally work with a mellower flavor profile, too. Plus, it is very good just slightly heated up (and it’s not even that bad chilled), which makes it an even more appropriate dish for summer, which is, of course, the perfect time for it, seeing as corn is so super delicious (not to mention super affordable) right now.

So I hope you guys give this soup a try as well! It really is a snap to make, and it’ll make these last days of summer healthier and happier (and, I guess, cornier). Ciao!

Until we eat again,



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  1. […] and as a result been making many more corn-centered recipes than usual, from Choosing Raw’s delectable summer corn & coconut soup to simple oven-roasted corn-on-the-cob (always roasted in husk, mind you). And yesterday, corn […]

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