Toronto Café Tour: Tequila Bookworm

August 16, 2011

Sorry for the recent deluge of café reviews here; I’ve finally been getting around to backblogging previous visits as part of my summer series. Today’s café is Tequila Bookworm, located on Queen West between Bathurst and Spadina.


Latte: Before I say much about my drink, I should clarify that Tequila Bookworm is actually a bar/restaurant/café, and I’m not really sure which identity they’re trying hardest at. At any rate, I hope it’s not their café one, because the latte I got was pretty flat-out bad, as you may be able to tell by the above picture. The only upside was that it was also fairly cheap, costing only $3.15.

Wifi: Yes!

Atmo: So perhaps I was really the one in the error, choosing to visit in the late afternoon on a Friday, but when I was there Tequila Bookworm definitely felt like a bar, and not at all like a café. There was fairly loud music playing the whole time and the entire atmosphere was just not at all relaxing. I have no idea what it’s like midday, but I have to imagine it’s better.

Food: They have a full menu, but I didn’t bother to look.

Final Verdict: Based on this initial experience, I have to say that Tequila Bookworm is not for me. Even if the atmosphere is more comfortable and café-like during the early afternoon, the latte itself was such a disappointment that I have no reason to come back and try again. If there are any die-hard TQ fans out there, though, please set me straight! You’ll probably be able to get me to go back—I succumb fairly easily to peer pressure.

Until we eat again,




  1. Why would you review a place and not even look at the menu?

    • Thanks for calling me out on this. Let me explain: The purpose of my Toronto Café Tour series is to review cafés qua cafés, and so the primary factors I consider are their espresso and their atmosphere, which are what really make or break a café for me. I include notes on their wifi availability and food as well because I recognize that these are also important elements to a café, although they’re not as important to me. The reason I didn’t look at Tequila Bookworm’s menu in particular was because I was under the impression that it was a full restaurant menu, not a typical café menu of pastries and baked goods, so their food wouldn’t really fit with my review. Furthermore, I was fairly convinced that nothing on their menu would be vegan. However, I could be wrong here, and if I am, I encourage you or anyone else reading this to set me straight.

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