Vegan Dinner Parties Made Easy: Zucchini Farfalle

August 15, 2011

Hello faithful readers!

Today I have a quick and easy recipe to share with you, which I think is perfect for any end-of-summer vegan dinner parties you may be throwing. The dish is Creamy Zucchini Farfalle, as recently featured on Vegan Dad’s wonderful blog. From start to finish, the whole thing took me no more than 45 minutes to prepare, and the preparation itself is very simple (it requires a blender, but nothing more complicated than that): First, you make a creamy sauce out of tofu, coconut milk, nutritional yeast, and boiled zucchini; and second, you mix that in with some farfalle (bowtie) pasta.* And that’s it! The taste is there, too: perhaps not out of this world, but a solid pasta dish with a full-bodied vegetable flavor. I think this recipe works especially well for dinner parties where you’ll be serving both veg*ns and omnis, as it’s a very accessible dish and does not feel like a imitation of anything traditionally meat-based. And summer really is the perfect time for it, as not only is it light and fresh, it also makes good use of the surfeit of local zucchini you can currently find at summer farmers’ markets.

Though actually, I should point out that I did not in fact use zucchini when I made this dish, because it’s late August in Ontario, and as far as I can tell from my local farmers’ market, late August in Ontario seems to be the season of wacky looking summer squashes, and so I used this wacky looking summer squash in lieu of some less wacky zucchini (what can I say, sometimes I just buy vegetables that look neat):

The recipe worked just as well with this. Keep it in mind for your next vegan dinner party—I hope you and your guests enjoy it!

Until we eat again,


*Did you know? Despite the fact that farfalle is commonly known as bowtie pasta in the English-speaking world, its name is actually derived from the Italian word for butterfly, farfalla. Though one may quite naturally assume that the English misnomer is the result of an alternative interpretation of the pasta’s shape, in truth the name dates back to the early 19th century, when dried and pressed butterflies were actually worn as fashionable bowties. (Pressed moths, being slightly less extravagant, were sold as an affordable women’s brooch.)†

†Not actually true.‡

‡Though farfalla is the Italian word for butterfly.



  1. […] corn remaining from my weekend farmers’ market and a half a can of coconut left over from my zucchini farfalle dinner party, I was already well on my way to having this soup on my table. With the simple addition of an onion […]

  2. I’m making this RIGHT NOW. bwa ha.

    • Awesome. For the record, I will make you dinner, blog the recipe, and hear that you are remaking said recipe ANY TIME.

      • be careful. i will take you up on this.

        • I’m serious! Always cooking for yourself is BORING.

          • always cooking for yourself is…something i hardly ever properly to, to be honest. expect me to call your bluff when i am back in town.

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