Toronto Café Tour: Capital Espresso

August 14, 2011

Who’s in the mood for a Toronto café review? Well I got one! Today’s location is Capital Espresso down near Queen West and Lansdowne, and it’s wonderful! Here’s why…


Latte: Okay, so obviously this latte art is beautiful. But that doesn’t count for much. Fortunately, this latte, which cost a reasonable $3.75, was very good, despite being a bit small. I was also happy to see that Capital Espresso uses So Nice soymilk in their lattes, my preferred Canadian brand of soymilk. They even use So Nice’s speciality “Barista Blend”, although I’m not really sure what makes that different. Anyway: awesome latte.

Wifi: Yes!

Atmo: Wonderful. Several nice wooden populate the spacious inner space, offering plenty of room to work or relax. Just the sort of atmosphere I look for in a café.

Food: There were only slim pickings on their menu, and by the time I got there in the afternoon, there was nothing left in the case. Capital Espresso really seems to be more about the espresso, and that’s fine.

Final Verdict: Two thumbs up! I really couldn’t be much more pleased by my visit to Capital Espresso, and I look forward to the next time I’ll be back.

Until we eat again,



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