Restaurant Review: WVRST is the BST (and VGN!)

August 11, 2011

Hi guys!

If you’re a fellow Toronto denizen, you’ve probably already heard of the recently opened restaurant known as WVRST (pronounced “verst”, as in German “wurst”, as in “bratwurst”), a hip new eatery on King West dedicated to all things sausage, especially currywurst, Berlin’s specialty street food. Now, you’re probably thinking: What’s a vegan blogger doing writing about a sausage resto? Well, as it turns out, the people at WVRST were smart enough to include a couple (literally, only two) vegetarian options on their menu, in between the plethora of meat and game weiners they have for everyone else. What WVRST doesn’t tell you up front, however, is that their vegetarian sausages are also vegan, as are their plain fries, currywurst sauce, and tomato-based dipping sauces (trust me, I double checked with the waitstaff). And in my book, this is a major coup for Toronto vegans, as WVRST is great, and definitely a crowd pleaser if you need to eat out with omni friends.

I didn’t have much choice in what I could get, but I opted for the spicy vegetarian kielbasa in their currywurst sauce, served alongside a (generous) small order of their plain fries with chipotle dipping sauce. All of this was great, but unfortunately the lighting was fairly dark in the restaurant and all my photos came out looking horrible, so apologies.

(If you’re looking for some better, albeit less photographical, pictures of what WVRST has to offer, I highly recommend checking out Drawn and Devoured’s recent WVRST review!)

Anyway, I loved everything on this tray, though I also adore pepper, and everything here was very peppery. Seriously, WVRST’s vegan currywurst was better than the vegan currywurst I found in Berlin. Needless to say, I was very impressed. I think I liked mine even more than my omni friends liked their traditional sausages and duck-fat fries. Or maybe I just extra excited about food in general…

Also noteworthy is WVRST’s extensive beer list, which includes several German beers on tap. I chose this Hacker-Pschorr Dunkel Weisse:

Like all the other beer I tried while I was in Germany, I found this to be good, but not great. Also, it was a little overpriced ($9), although considering the amount they gave me, it wasn’t a horrible deal. (Also, beer seems so much more expensive after spending a few weeks in Berlin, so maybe I’m not the best judge right now.)

Finally, a few quick notes on the atmosphere and service: WVRST is clearly consciously trying to be hip, which is fine. Honestly, they’ve done a pretty job at it—the space feels very welcoming, lively, and fun, although the music was a little too loud for my taste, making conversation much more difficult than it should’ve been. Our servers were also really great, especially the one who so politely checked on all my pestering vegan questions. Service, however, was markedly slow, and the restaurant wasn’t even half full when I was there. In my estimation, it took about twenty-five minutes for our food to arrive, which is borderline unacceptable, and definitely unpleasant. I don’t know if it was just a slow kitchen that night or if WVRST is always this slow, but I do worry how it’d be on a weekend night when they have a packed house.

Nonetheless, I’ll gladly return to WVRST the next time the opportunity arises, even though I’ll basically have to order the same thing. It was seriously that good. Vegans, rejoice: WVRST is for us, too!

Until we eat again,



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  1. You forgot to mention that WRST is also populated with hot guys. This is so important.

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