Toronto Café Tour: Tik Talk Cafe

June 20, 2011

Here’s today’s Toronto Café Tour post, reviewing Tik Talk Cafe near Harbord and Spadina.


Latte: This latte ran for a steep $4.13, which was too much given the only average quality of the drink in my opinion.

Wifi: No!

Atmo: The interior of Tik Talk is really cute, with several nice tables and plenty of chairs to go around. It really feels more like you’re in someone’s sunroom rather than in a cafe, which is very nice. So overall, it’s a very good place to come relax and do some work.

Food: Tik Talk has a wide variety of sweet and savory options on their menu. I didn’t try any on this visit, but I remember getting something on an earlier visit which was both tasty and affordable.

Final Verdict: The best thing Tik Talk has got going for it is its location, which though conveniently located right by the university still seems to avoid being overrun with university traffic. The space inside is also very nice and comfortable. However, the steep price of its average latte and the lack of wifi are harsh marks against it in my opinion.

Until we eat again,



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