Toronto Café Tour: El Cafecito

June 19, 2011

For today’s Toronto Café Tour stop, I’m here to review a newly opened place called El Cafecito, a little coffeeshop tucked away on Westmoreland Avenue, just off of Bloor near Dovercourt. So how does this new joint stack up? Let’s see…


Latte: A solid cup of java; not out of this world, but not bad in any way. In addition, alongside the standard choice of single or double shot for your latte, El Cafecito also offers a choice of 8 or 12 oz. sizes, which I like. This little guy was an 8 oz. single, and it was an affordable $3.00.

Wifi: Yes!

Atmo: El Cafecito offers a rather big indoor space to sit and enjoy your drink or do some work. There are plenty of tables and it was pretty much empty the entire time I was there, so there’s problem concentrating or finding a seat.

Food: They had a couple things on offer, but I didn’t try any of them (none looked particularly enticing).

Final Verdict: El Cafecito is a quality addition to the neighborhood in my opinion. It’s nondescript location will probably keep it from getting overrun any time soon; I just hope it can keep getting enough customers to stay in business! Consider this your exhortation.

Until we eat again,


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  1. […] the Danforth. Some of the cafés are places I’ve already checked out, such as Linux Caffe, El Cafecito, and Mylk Uncookies (all of which I’m happy to return to), but many others are ones […]

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