Toronto Café Tour: Saving Gigi

June 18, 2011

Back again for another TCT review, this one of Saving Gigi, a nearby (to me) café right off of Ossington and Bloor. The rundown…


Latte: Nice and tasty, and reasonably priced at $3.25. Overall, fairly standard, but done well.

Wifi: Sorta? They have a router and network set up, but the afternoon I was there no one was able to sign on, and the baristi had no clue how to fix it. Admittedly, this is more Bell Internet’s fault than Saving Gigi’s; however, I really hope they get their act together by the next time I stop in.

Atmo: Saving Gigi has a laid-back vibe that I really like. There’s a good amount of seating available inside, including a long table in the center for many to share, and there’s also an informal patio space outside for the summer. I know from previous experience that Saving Gigi can get really packed at times, but on the Tuesday afternoon I chose to visit it was fairly quiet.

Food: Though I didn’t try any, Saving Gigi offers a wide assortment of freshly made sandwiches and such, many of which looked pretty tasty. They usually have pastries and other baked goods on offer as well it seems, but by the time I got there in the afternoon they were already all out (which is probably a good sign).

Final Verdict: I like Saving Gigi, and not just because it’s close. Though maybe not always the ideal place to go to do some work, it is a nice space with good food and drinks on offer, and nice people to serve them to you!

Until we eat again,


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