Toronto Café Tour: Ideal Coffee

June 7, 2011

Another day, another café. Today’s location is Ideal Coffee (or “i deal coffee”) in Kensington Market. Here’s what I thought…


Latte: Nothing spectacular, but not bad either. It cost me $3.50 for this medium-sized glass. However, Ideal Coffee seems to sell itself more on its original coffee blends than on its drinks, so maybe I shouldn’t have been expecting too much from them latte-wise. Still, it wasn’t bad.

Wifi: No! Boohoo.

Atmo: Keeping with Kensington’s bohemian vibe, Ideal is a lively joint. There’s a good amount of space and tables inside, and a nice patio out in front (which for an open space did a remarkably good job of maintaining the aroma of marijuana the entire time I was there *wink wink*). However, I probably wouldn’t recommend coming to Ideal to do work. It’s much more a place for meeting up and hanging out.

Food: A small selection of baked goods was out on the counter, but I didn’t try any.

Final Verdict: I probably won’t come back to Ideal. The latte was nothing to write home about, and the space isn’t what I usually look for in a café. However, I could see Ideal being, well, ideal for other types of people.

Until we eat again,



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