Toronto Café Tour: Ella’s Uncle

June 4, 2011

Today’s TCT review is coming from Ella’s Uncle, located on Dundas right next to Trinity Bellwoods Park! Here’s what I thought…


Latte: $3.25 for a single, and good to the last drop. Definitely not digging the paper cup, but as it seems like they’re really only trying to serve to-go customers (see below), this makes sense. At the very least, they do have big and clearly marked recycle bins for the cups.

Wifi: Yes!

Atmo: This is an extremely cozy space. There are only a few bar stools along the walls for sitting down and enjoying your drink, with little tiny bar tables in front of them, which would barely be large enough for a laptop. In other words, Ella’s is not a place to come and bring an afternoon’s worth of work. However, the actual space is nicely decorated and hip, with relaxing music playing in the background and friendly staff waiting to serve you.

Food: They had a few standard pastries on offer, all of which looked good, though not appetizing enough to make me want to buy any one of them.

Other Notes: No washroom! Another sign that Ella’s is not catering to the sit-and-stay crowd.

Final Verdict: Ella’s is really for those who want their coffee on the go. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’re in luck, because the coffee is good, but the lack of accommodation for staying customers means that I will probably not go out of my way to come back here any time soon.

Until we eat again,



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