Toronto Café Tour: The Common

June 3, 2011

Here’s today’s post in my Toronto Café Tour series, featuring The Common, a cozy little joint by College and Dufferin. The rundown…


Latte: Solid. It cost a reasonable $3.50, and was fairly big. I don’t like glass cups for lattes, but I definitely appreciated not receiving a disposable cup.

Wifi: Yes!

Atmo: This place was busy! And rather cramped. Seating indoors is limited to about 15 people, and the tables and chairs are not very nice. In addition, loud hipster music was nearly blaring the whole time I was there (however, the music wasn’t all that bad in my opinion).


Food: They had only a small selection when I was there. The two options were thankfully cheap, but the coconut cookie I got was tremendously disappointing, seriously one of the worst cookies I’ve ever had, and definitely not worth the dollar it cost.

Other Notes: There is strangely no menu anywhere on the premises. I also noticed that they had nice selection of teas.

Final Verdict: Come for the coffee, steer clear of the food, and bring work only if you can put up with some distractions.

Until we eat again,




  1. Vegan cookies with your coffee?! Maybe I should reconsider moving to Toronto…

    • Everyone should reconsider moving to Toronto.

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