Whatchoo Say? Étouffée!

April 11, 2011

Hey hey!

Vegan Dad is one of my favorite food bloggers. In the years I’ve been following him, he’s shared recipe after recipe for some of the tastiest things I’ve ever tried (his broccoli risotto, tarka dhal, and pumpkin soup with scones are some examples that jump immediately to mind). And today I want to share with you the latest recipe to enter my Vegan Dad pantheon of vegan goodness: Tofu Étouffée!

What is étouffée, you ask? Well, before I made this recipe, I had no idea either. I had never heard of, much less tried, this dish. Heck, I wasn’t even sure how to pronounce its name (which, incidentally, is not the first time that’s happened to me with a Vegan Dad recipe). So, as this stew was simmering, I did some research.

Apparently (and my Louisianan friend later confirmed this for me), étouffée is a traditional Cajun dish, which, according to tradition, is basically a roux with some crawfish. Vegan Dad’s recipe keeps the roux but replaces the crawfish with some aggressively spiced fried tofu cubes, which is then combined with a fairly standard vegetable broth to make one killer soup. Really, the spices in this are damn near perfect (although they may be a little too spicy for the especially sensitive—but you can always cut back on the paprika or red pepper flakes if need be).

The finished stew is definitely good enough to eat on its own, but Vegan Dad kicks the recipe up several more notches by pairing it with these delicious corn pancakes:

These, too, are good enough to eat on their own, although they really are wonderful when paired with the étouffée (they also keep cut some of its spiciness). Here are some more photos of my finished plate:

This recipe makes for a good amount of étouffée, which I was able to stretch out over the week. And as he says, the flavors do keep developing after cooking, so this tastes even better as leftovers. Honestly, I really couldn’t recommend this recipe more. I hope you try it out yourself—and if you do, let me know how it goes!

Until we eat again,


P.S. I should add that in French, ‘étouffée’ means ‘suffocated’, which, given how much this recipe makes me want to stuff my face with it, seems appropriate.


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