Caffienated Paradise

March 10, 2011

In the city of champ-yinz, just around the corner from my old apartment, is my favorite place in the world to get all twitchy on caffeinated beverages. I sorely miss sitting in Kiva Han writing essays all morning over a delightfully sweet iced chai or spending a rainy afternoon crosswording with a curry. Before I get all self indulgent and let myself wax nostalgic, I should really give you, dear readers, the vital statistics…

Kiva Han is located on the corner of Forbes Avenue and Craig Street just between the Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh campuses. It has just about everything I look for in a cafe: steady wireless internet, a good selection of food* and beverages, plenty of comfy places to sit, great staff… I could go on, but I should probably get on with more more food pictures…

This is the hangover cure burrito, one of Kiva Han’s more popular menu items. Essentially, it’s the best breakfast burrito ever conceived. Cheddar cheese, egg, hot sauce and potatoes all conveniently wrapped up in a tortilla.

Just a close up for good measure. Are you sold yet? Good.

I wish I had pictures of a wider range of their menu options, but, unfortunately, when I was a regular, I was not yet the food blogger you know today.

I’m so glad that I finally got around to writing this small ode to my favorite Pittsburgh cafe.

Stay tuned for a short series of posts on my quest to find a new cafe upon my move to New York!

Until we eat again,


*The menu is largely vegetarian with some solid vegan options.


One comment

  1. Seeing this made me so nostalgic.

    And then later today, shortly after reading this, I opened my wallet and realized I still had a Giant Eagle advantage card shoved in a small hidden pocket. Guess today’s just the day for sudden reminders of Pittsburgh…

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