Black and Gold Steelers Rice Pudding

February 3, 2011

Only three more days until the big game! Are you pumped?!

Well, just in case you need something to get you extra excited, today I’ve got a black and gold Steelers dessert for yinz guys, the last in my series of Steelers-themed recipes: Steelers Rice Pudding! Not only is it probably the most vividly black and gold recipe I’ve made this week, it also happens to be one of my favorite desserts. Ever. And I’m not even than into rice pudding. But seriously, this recipe is in a league of its own, and the Superbowl is the perfect excuse for you to make it. So make it!

So what is this amazing dessert exactly? It’s Coconut Black Rice Pudding topped with Fresh Mango, the recipe for which can be found here on the excellent Fat Free Vegan blog. It’s fairly easy to execute, but does require some more exotic ingredients, such as cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, and cheesecloth (N.B.: You do not need a pressure cooker to make this; regular pot instructions are at the bottom, and that’s the only way I’ve made it.). But seriously, the price you may pay to stock up on some of these new pantry items is well worth it, as you’ll know as soon as you take your first bite, and you’ll be quickly using them up as you’ll be wanting make this recipe again and again. It’s just that good.

Here’s hoping that I’ll be enjoying some of this pudding Sunday night as a sweet, sweet victory snack. And in case you missed them, don’t forget about the other Steelers recipes I’ve posted this week, which should provide you with plenty of options for your own Superbowl party. To review:

Appetizer: Black and Gold Steelers Hummus

Main: Black and Gold Steelers Noodles

Main: Black and Gold Steelers Soup

Side: Black and Gold Steelers Cornbread

I can’t wait for the game!

Until we eat again,


One comment

  1. I’m so glad you liked the recipe! I know nothing about football, but I hope it brings your team luck.

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