Black and Gold Steelers Noodles

January 22, 2011

Who’s ready for some FOOTBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!

For those who don’t know (I’m looking at you, Canadian readers), this Sunday is the AFC Championship game of the National Football League (that’s American football, Canadian readers). It’s between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Jets, and I am pumped—five years of living in Pittsburgh really instilled in me a deep love for their team. Perhaps it was the fact that they won two Superbowls while I was there (in the 2005 and 2008 seasons), or perhaps it was the fact that both victories caused every Pittsburgher to burn the town down (literally, unfortunately) in celebration afterwards. Whatever it was, the Steelers are my team now, and probably will be for the rest of my life (certainly for as long as I’m still living in Canada, at least (though perhaps not, if our brilliant new mayor gets his way)).

Now, I should come clean here: Although I am a fan of football, I am no football fan. I do not tune in to watch the games every week, nor do I keep up with the standings or follow any sports news. Yet still, I really enjoy watching the sport when it’s on, and I do get excited when the post-season rolls around. Now maybe you’ll say that this makes me a poseur, and I wouldn’t deny it. But that’s not going to make me stop in my enthusiasm.

So, in preparation for tomorrow’s game, I thought I’d make a celebratory dish for my team—more specifically, a “black and gold” dish, in honor of their colors. Now, I’ve actually tried doing this once before (when they one their sixth Superbowl in 2009): that was a black and gold salsa, made with black beans and yellow peppers, which wasn’t bad, but not everything I’d hoped it would be either. This time I tried going in a totally different direction with a spin on Korean jajangmyeon, which are basically noodles with a black bean sauce. Well, that’s what I think jajangmyeon is; I’ve never actually made it or tried it before, I’ve only read about it online. At any rate, I wasn’t going to able to stick to close to the letter on this one anyway, given my aims. So here’s what I did:

First, I made some black bean sauce, according to this recent recipe on Closet Cooking. While that was thickening, I caramelized some onion slices and then fried up some ramen noodles on top of that, along with one hot yellow pepper. When everything was looking good, I stirred in the black bean sauce, and when that was all combined, I threw in some frozen corn and (nicely colored) curry tofu. And then I was done!

So overall, this was a fairly simple dish to make, and it came pretty close to what I was looking for visually. Unfortunately, the black bean sauce lost some of its blackness when combined with the noodles, making it look more brown than black, but so it goes; at least the yellow of the corn and the tofu came through nicely, I thought. And most importantly, this actually turned out very tasty! I’m excited to experiment with this sauce and other things using black bean paste in the future. But for now, I just hope it brings the Steelers some good luck tomorrow. Go Steelers!

Until we eat again,



  1. Hi Willie and Caitlin,

    I’m really impressed by your blog and I find it a very nice way to “fight the distance”!! I think it’s gonna inspired me!! And I have to add I’m pretty proud to have seen a part of the preparation of the dish! 🙂

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