Canadian Thanksgiving in Canada

October 13, 2010

Hello again, readers!

After spending a lovely Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in NYC with Caitlin and enjoying a lovely Canadian Thanksgiving dinner together, I arrived back in Toronto on Monday, giving me just enough time to prepare a second little Thanksgiving dinner for myself on Canadian Thanksgiving Day proper. I didn’t opt for trying anything new or adventurous for this meal; rather, I returned to some of my old fall favorites. Together, they made for a wonderful and festive meal. I’ve blogged about some of these dishes before, but they deserve a second mention, especially as now is the perfect season to make them. So here’s what my dinner included…

This is Pumpkin Soup, recipe courtesy of Vegan Dad. I actually made this soup around the same time last year, and I really can’t believe I haven’t made it again since. It is just SO good! And it’s really simple—it’s just boiled pumpkin blended with soymilk, margarine, sugar, and salt. Nonetheless, these few ingredients really come together for a wonderfully flavorful and hearty soup. I strongly recommend trying this out for yourself, and don’t delay—pie pumpkins are only in season for so long!

Alongside my pumpkin soup, I made a batch of Sweet Scones, recipe also courtesy of Vegan Dad. These really are the perfect complement to the pumpkin soup, becoming simply divine when dipped in it. Admittedly, they are super buttery—the recipe calls for more than a whole stick of butter and makes only a dozen scones—but that’s fine by me, especially since they’re just a once in a while sort of thing.

Finally, I made some Mashed Sweet Potatoes, according to Caitlin’s wonderful recipe. I don’t know where she got this from—she may even have made it up herself—but it really is fantastic. Along with the sweet potatoes is mixed in some garlic, thyme, pepper, and, most notably, coconut milk, which is what gives these taters their unique extra creaminess and sweetness. This dish really is to die for in my opinion, and I loved having it as part of my Thanksgiving meal.

And that’s how I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving in Canada! Remember to check back in late November to see how Caitlin and I celebrate American Thanksgiving in Canada, and check in between now and then too, as we’ll be posting plenty of other tasty treats in the meantime.

Until we eat again,



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