New! Korean BBQ Tofu Tacos

August 31, 2010

Korean food in general, and Korean-Mexican fusion dishes in particular, have been this year’s new culinary favorite for me. I’ve blogged about many of my exciting past endeavors before, and today I’m going to bring you another tasty treat: Korean BBQ Tofu Tacos!

This recipe is relatively simple, but tremendously delicious. You start off my making some Korean BBQ Tofu, using the method I’ve blogged about before here, which utilizes Closet Cooking’s excellent Dak Bulgogi marinade recipe. After your tofu has marinated for a while, you’ll want to either fry it or bake it; I chose to bake it this time. Then, simply mix it up with some mashed avocado and tomatoes. That’s all there is to this filling: only 3 ingredients, but they’re good ones. All that’s left is the assembly, which is even easier. It goes like this…

First, lightly heat up a taco-sized tortilla on the stovetop, and put a little bit of lettuce or greens on one half. Then…

Add a few good spoonfuls of your tofu-avocado-tomato mix. Finally…

Fold it up and you’re ready to go!

And that’s all there is to this recipe! I have to admit that the flavors of the Korean BBQ marinade were perhaps not the best fit with the avocado and tomato, but overall I liked this a lot. At any rate, it’s simple, nutritious, and delicious, which is all I ever ask for in my meals.

Until we eat again,


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