There’s Still Time For Soup in Summer

July 19, 2010

Hello bloggees!

If your town is anything like mine, you’ve probably been dying from sweltering heat for the past several weeks. So one would think that it would be the worst time of the year to make soup for dinner. But I beg to differ. First, soups can be made nice and light, and that often makes for a nicer meal than something heavy in summer. And of course, soups can also be made cold. But perhaps most importantly, summer is the time when some of the best soup vegetables are in season. And those are some of the reasons that last week Caitlin and I decided to make some asparagus soup. And thankfully, it turned out amazingly delicious.

Wasn’t it pretty? Our recipe was taken from Cadry’s Kitchen, and it was a simple blend of various, lightly cooked vegetables. It was a breeze to prepare and a joy to eat. What I liked most about this soup was just how fresh it tasted. The consistency was also very nice—not too chunky, but not too watery either. All in all, I just really loved this soup! So don’t be afraid: summer can still be a time for soup.

Until we eat again,



  1. […] had made this before and really enjoyed it, and knew it would make a nice light start to our […]

  2. I agree, soup for me anytime! Nice dish, Caitlin!

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