Summer Fun with Oatmeal

July 16, 2010

Oatmeal: it’s a wonderful thing. Hearty, wholesome, and delicious, it’s hard to beat oatmeal when it comes to simple (and affordable) breakfasts. Plus, with the wide variety of add-ins that can be added to it (bananas, milk, maple syrup, and nut butter, to name a few), oatmeal can really be more of a breakfast treat than a breakfast cereal. Back in the wintertime, I was making myself big batches of oatmeal every week that I’d heat up daily for breakfast. Yet with the arrival of summer, oatmeal has fallen off my radar—hot cereal just doesn’t have the same appeal in sweltering heat. But then I realized—with the help of some fellow food bloggers—that the end of hot breakfasts does not have to mean the end of oatmeal breakfasts. So today I bring you two inventive ways to enjoy oatmeal that will keep your body cool and your stomach very satisfied.

First up, we have some Overnight Oats, recipe courtesy of Oh She Glows. These have been all the rage in the food blogosphere recently, and with good reason: they’re delicious, simple, and perfect for summer. Instead of cooking your oats on the stovetop, you leave them to soak in some milk in the refrigerator overnight, and the next morning you’ll have a tasty bowl of oats all ready to go. I didn’t have any chia seeds to use when I made what you see above, but it was delicious all the same. I definitely recommend this recipe to everyone.

Secondly, we have a Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie, recipe courtesy of Happy Herbivore. This is a little more decadent way to eat your oats, but with a recipe this good, I think a little decadence is okay. Because this smoothie uses two frozen bananas, it comes out tasting more like an ice cream shake, which is of course fine by me! And the grinded oats together with the cinnamon and cardamom give it a really nice and irresistible oatmeal cookie taste.

One note: I used much more milk than the original recipe calls for—four times more, to be precise, so a full cup of milk. I have often found that I’ve needed to add in more milk with Happy Herbivore’s smoothie recipes, which may be because we just like our smoothies to be different consistencies, or because our blenders mix things up a little differently. I’m not sure, but just be aware that if you make this smoothie, don’t feel shy to add some extra milk if it’s looking too thick for your tastes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about these summer oat recipes, and that you get to try them in the near future! Happy eating!

Until we eat again,


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