A Few of My Favourite Things

July 5, 2010

A couple weeks ago I went to Toronto for a brief weekend visit, which was the longest amount of time my current class schedule would allow for. But although my time there was brief, I was able to enjoy myself quite well, and that included enjoying some of my favo(u)rite Toronto foods, as well as some new treats! My basic strategy foodwise was just to hit up a few of my most-loved markets and cafes for some tasty T.O. specialities, and this plan worked out perfectly. So what did I get? Well, first off, I got some delicious baked goods from The Urban Herbivore:

I’ve written about how magnificent The Urban Herbivore’s baked goodies are once before, and I was very excited to stop back in this trip. My treats of choice this time were, first, their Chocolate Banana Bread and, second, their Cranberry Flax Muffin. Both were delectable, but I was really blown away by the muffin (all the more so since I’m not all that crazy for cranberries). What really did it for me was the flax, the flavor of which this muffin was bursting with. I don’t really know what they did or how they did, but I was happy enough just getting to eat it. Here’s another shot of this glorious muffin, showing off just how ridiculously large its muffin top is:

On Saturday afternoon, I decided to check out a place I hadn’t tried before for lunch: Vena’s Restaurant. This place is right down the block from where I live in Toronto, and it specializes in West Indian Roti, a dish I had yet to try. Basically, it’s a big burrito-like roll filled with vegetables (or meat, if you’re not like me) cooked in a delicious sauce. Here’s what my roti looked like when I got it:

And here’s what it looked like on the inside:

This wasn’t blow-you-away good, but it was pretty satisfying. One of the most disappointing things about this roti was its unevenness: some of the vegetables were amazing (the butternut squash in particular), while others were more forgettable. Vena’s also isn’t going to win points in anybody’s book for decor, but at $6 or $7 a roti, it is a great place to stop in for a cheap and filling lunch.

And for my weekend dinners, I made special Toronto salads both nights. Like my typical salads, they involved lots of greens (spinach this time), avocado, sweet potato, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, flaxseed meal, and nutritional yeast, but for that extra-special Toronto taste, I added a generous helping of Uncle Ben’s sprouts (sold at the wonderful St. Lawrence Market) and some Ying Ying Soy Food Black Bean Tofu (also sold at St. Lawrence). Here is one of those salads, in all its glory:

This was massive, but delicious from the beginning to the very end!

This trip was much too short, but as you can see, I had my fair share of fun. It’ll be a little while yet before I have more Toronto deliciousness to blog about, but I’ll be back soon enough with more food adventures from delicious delicious New York!

Until we eat again,


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