Naan, At Home

June 27, 2010

Happy Sunday, readers!

Like any reasonable person, I love, love, love naan bread. In fact, it is possibly my favorite kind of bread. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest to come by. I’ve never seen it sold freshly baked at any bakery, and the grocery store brands that I’ve tried, though not bad, don’t come close to the real thing you find at Indian restaurants. Thankfully, Caitlin does have a delicious mini-naan recipe that she makes for me once in a while, which I adore. But a week ago, I wanted to try my own hand at making naan. And amazingly, it was not a total disaster. In fact, it was sorta completely awesome.

Now admittedly, I was not on my own on this baking endeavor; I had the excellent assistance of Manjula’s Kitchen’s naan recipe (which also includes a very helpful video tutorial). The recipe itself is not overly complicated, although it does take about five hours from beginning to end, allowing for a three- to four-hour rise. Here’s how three of my naans looked before going into the oven…

And here’s what they looked like after coming out!

As you might be able to tell from this picture, these naan breads actually puff up in the oven (and judging by Manjula’s Kitchen’s sample photo, they should actually puff up much more than this). This made the naans almost like pocket pitas, which was great. And the taste was superb, as well—though perhaps not quite as good as the real thing, these were definitely one of the best breads I’ve ever baked. Here’s one of them close up:

Delicious! Of course, the other half of my batch did not turn out quite as pretty…

Still, the crispiness of these naans did not take away much from their tastiness. I’m really excited to try this recipe again, as it should only go more smoothly next time, now that I’m more familiar with how the whole process works. And I’d encourage you to try making them yourself sometime, too! (And then invite me over.)

Until we eat again,


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