The Best (Vegan) Risotto I’ve Ever Tasted

June 22, 2010

Hello readers!

Today I’m here to share with you a broccoli risotto recipe I recently tried out, and let me start off by saying that there are not enough superlative adjectives to describe how good this was. Seriously. This is hands down the best risotto I’ve ever tried, vegan or otherwise, and it is easily a contender for best recipe I’ve made this year. It is wonderfully creamy and has a surprising amount of cheesiness for using only a quarter cup of nutritional yeast. And what’s more, it’s super simple and calls for only a dozen common ingredients, which just makes it all the more impressive. But the credit cannot go to me: the recipe comes from Vegan Dad. He also deserves credit for getting a much better photo of this recipe than I was able to. Nonetheless, here is how mine came out looking…

And up close…

I’ll admit, it doesn’t look like much. But taste is what really counts, right? And it is not at all lacking in that department, trust me.

There’s really not much more I can say about this risotto, except I should note that the recipe works fine with vegetable broth made from bouillon cubes rather than boxed or homemade broth, and with white cooking wine rather than real white wine (although I’m sure it would only be even better with those latter things). And the amount of broccoli could probably be stepped up by a half or maybe even by a whole cup, too, if you really wanted to, although it is delicious as it is.

I could go on more about how amazing this risotto was, but that would just delay you from making it yourself. Which is exactly what you go do. Right now. Happy eating.

Until we eat again,



  1. where is the recipe?

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