Getting In My Grains

June 16, 2010

I’ll admit it: I’m a grain lover. Sure, I’m also a vegetable lover, fruit lover, and nut & seed lover, but grains hold a special place in my heart. And last week, I got to make two excellent grain-centered dishes. I’ll introduce them in turn…

First, we have some Italian Fried Grains! I made this with the help of Soap & Chocolate’s recent recipe for Italian Fried Rice, along with some help from Choosing Raw’s subsequent slightly tweaked version. My own crack at this dish did not follow either recipe to the letter, but rather used a combination of ideas from both, along with my own additions. The biggest difference to my dish was in my choice of grains: a roughly equal mix of quinoa and orzo. I’m happy to say that this was a delicious combination, and a very good complement to the dish’s other flavors, which included spinach, raisins, pecans, and nutritional yeast. Here’s what it looked like up close:

Served over a small bed of kale, this made for a very satisfying dinner, and the leftovers served as excellent take-along lunches for the rest of the week! I love recipes like that. Thanks Diana and Gena!

My other grain meal from last week was this heavenly creation…

This is Israeli Couscous with Pistachios and Figs, a delectable recipe from Veganomicon. This was my first time making Israeli Couscous, but it was an excellent introduction. For those who don’t know, israeli couscous (or ptitim as it’s known in Hebrew) is technically a wheat-based baked pasta, coming in the shape of largish round pearls. That means it in fact has little relation to regular couscous, in terms of both its make-up and its taste. But regardless, it is fantastic. And Veganomicon’s recipe pairs it perfectly with a wonderful mix of Turkish spices and pistachios. Their original recipe also called for dried apricots, for Caitlin and I smartly subbed in dried figs instead, which were perfect. Paired with a small side of roasted Brussels sprouts, this dish was mouth-wateringly good. Here’s another look at those couscous pearls:

So there you have it: two awesome ways to get your grain on! I wish you all many tasty grains in your future.

Until we eat again,


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