I Dream of Blini

June 11, 2010

Happy Friday, readers!

Not long ago, I came home from a long day of school and schoolwork to be greeted by an exciting meal that Caitlin was just finishing up with: Buckwheat Blini with Mushroom Gravy and Vegetables! Sounds good, ya? Well, it was! By way of introduction, let me tackle this dish one part at a time…

First, on the left, we have the Buckwheat Blini, recipe courtesy of Veganomicon. For those that don’t know, blini are, according to Veganomicon, “light, savory, yeasted pancakes with a real Eastern European feel to them,” or, according to Wikipedia, “thin pancakes.” According to me, though, they are simply a delicious accompaniment to a hearty dinner. On its own, this recipe is nothing incredibly special, but used as we did as part of a larger dish, it becomes an excellent foundation to one’s meal.

And on the right we have the dish’s vegetables, a mix of sauteed carrots, peas, green beans, and okra. Again, on their own, these vegetables aren’t out of this world (although the okra did come out quite nicely), but paired with the blini and gravy, they worked really well.

And that brings us to the gravy, or more specifically, the Mushroom Gravy, recipe also courtesy of Veganomicon. Mushroom gravies are generally wonderful in my book, and this one did not fail to please (although, admittedly, it was not quite as good as VeganDad’s extraordinary Roasted Mushroom Gravy or How It All Vegan’s scrumptious Mighty Miso Gravy).

However, what I liked most about this meal was not so much any of its individual parts per se but rather how all the parts came together as a whole. The gravy really brought both the blini and the vegetables to new heights, and the blini and vegetables in turn enhanced the gravy. Here’s a picture of everything all together:

All in all, a wonderful meal. Thanks again, Caitlin, for making it for me! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Until we eat again,



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