It’s Good To Be a Snob

June 3, 2010

Hi all!

Well, I’ve finally caught up with all the Toronto backblogging I had to do… and now I have a bunch of backblogging to do from Caitlin’s and my last three weeks in New York! And so today I’ll be sharing the first meal Caitlin made for us after we got back: Snobby Joes!

I had read about this Veganomicon recipe before and had only heard wonderful things, and so I was very excited when Caitlin decided to make this for me. It’s basically a vegan spin on the American classic Slobby Joes, using lentils in lieu of ground meat and lots of other great ingredients besides. And let me tell you, they more than live up to the hype. They are deliciously spicy and flavorful and, most importantly, sloppy! But Snobby Joes wasn’t the only thing Caitlin made for this meal—to go with them, she also baked some amazing Poppy Seed Buns!

This recipe also came from Veganomicon and they were as good as the Joes!

They worked well enough on their own, but paired with the Snobby Joes they were divine!

These made for a lovely dinner, and were also very tasty as a school lunch (even cold!). This provides only further evidence for me that Veganomicon is a wonderful cookbook and, furthermore, that it’s going to be a wonderful summer!

Until we eat again,



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