Some Tasty Toronto Treats

May 25, 2010

While I was still in Toronto, I received the excellent recommendation to go to the Urban Herbivore in Kensington Market and check out some of their many fine baked goods. I had to restrain myself to purchasing only two of the tantalizing options they had on display that day, but the two I chose were thankfully completely satisfying.

My first treat was a Sweet Potato & Date Muffin, the baked good that I was specifically recommended to try. But even if I hadn’t been, I think I would’ve naturally gravitated toward this amazing little muffin anyway. The photo almost speaks for itself: a massive top, a crispy crust, and two of my favorite things inside. Happily, the taste of this muffin met all my expectations. Two big thumbs up, Urban Herbivore!

My second treat was what they called a “Gorilla Bar”—a mashing together of tons of good things, such as raisins, oats, various seeds, and lots of other things I can no longer remember. Although I didn’t like this bar nearly as much as my muffin, I definitely appreciated its unconventionality. Until other snack bars, this Gorilla Bar was not at all sweet and very very wholesome. Also, it held together remarkably well for what little was in it.

So Urban Herbivore definitely rates high from my brief drop-in, and I am already hankering to go back (maybe when I return to T.O. next month?!). But for now, I will just exhort all you Torontonian readers to go and give Urban Herbivore some business. You won’t regret it, and they’ll surely appreciate it.

Until we eat again,



  1. First “nut butter” and now “massive tops” ?

    It’s like you guys actually write this blog with the gay reader in mind! Subliminal mind!

  2. […] written about how magnificent The Urban Herbivore’s baked goodies are once before, and I was very excited to stop back in this trip. My treats of choice this time were, first, their […]

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